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Finding your "why" and sticking to it

It's that time of year again, time to think about what we've accomplished this year and what we still have yet to achieve. The older I get the more I think "what is the point of these New Year's resolutions?" I know that most of time I make deals with myself about how I can do things differently in the New Year, and how it will lead to a newer, better version of my self...right? Only to have February (if we make it that far) slap us across the face saying "YOU WILL NEVER CHANGE... LOSER!!" (my inner voice can be really cranky some days ) So what's the deal? What's the point? Why even bother? Don't roll over and cry your self to sleep just yet, I am coming to the point......

I have the pleasure of learning from some of the most important motivational visionaries right now, and they all have the same advice "find your WHY". The reason, the drive, the force that made you even consider the possibility of something bigger, something better for the future.

Write it down, MAKE IT BIG, celebrate it. Every time you get the call from the Old Cranky Voice in your head (I call mine Marge) telling you that "you don't need to go to the gym today you've been good all week" or "the house looks great, you deserve a break, oh look a new series to binge watch on T.V yeahhh!" and yes even " you will never learn another language, this is too hard just give up now." Take a look at your "why", think about what made you start in the first place..... really think about how your life will look in one year if you just keep going..... and shove your "why" so far down Marge's throat it's impossible for her to say anything to you. (well at least for another month)

Each time that voice comes up it will get a little easier, and a little easier, and a little easier until POOF.... Marge no longer exists, and you look around at your life a year later and are grateful that you kept going because you may not be all the way there yet but you are closer.... way closer, than if you had let Marge win.

Love and light to all of you.

Krista Mendez

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