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Thinking about learning Spanish?

Not sure which course is right for you? 

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Welcome to Hola Hola

Spanish Class

Your footpath to fluency 

Join us in one of our many interactive programs!!

Live classroom Zoom classes!  

Join us in a fun, comfortable, and intimate online classroom setting from the comfort of your own home!!

 Theses classes are available in many different levels and are available for students 8+

Susan Armstrong-

 "-I am so glad I signed up for Spanish classes! Krista is a fantastic teacher - so patient, kind, and fun! She makes learning a new language exciting and fun, and not the least bit intimidating. It’s like you’re learning and you don’t even realize how much you’re learning because it’s so enjoyable and the time flies! I do not regret one minute of time I have spent in class! I learn so much in the classes, from Krista and the other class members.I highly recommend it. If anyone ever wanted to try learning Spanish, give Hola Hola Spanish with Krista a try. I am so glad I did!!!!"

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Elite Learning 

Take advantage of your All Access Pass!  

This program will give you the accountability with a facilitator and the flexibility to go at your own pace.  A true all in one experience!! 

"-I am so glad I signed up for Krista’s Spanish class!! I am an online student and absolutely can’t say enough great comments about the lessons or the teacher. Like other reviewers mentioned, Krista is patient, personable and creates a non threatening environment to openly learn. Also homework is applicable and Krista is very flexible in how students deliver it. Great idea using WhatsApp! 
I look forward to class! 
Thank You!!!!"

Hola Hola Spanish Class News

Take a look here for all things Hola Hola!  New events, classes, and great resources and info to enhance your learning experience.

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 Essential Tips for Beginners

New to learning a language?  Here are some great tips to help you give it your all!!  

1. Study using the "Slight Edge Principle" this means 10-15 mins/day everyday versus big chunks of time once a week is more beneficial.

2. Immerse yourself in the language as much as you can.  You can do this via Spanish pod casts, watching your tv in Spanish with subtitles, posting new vocabulary around your house.  You will be learning through osmosis.

3. Be gentle with yourself.  Learning a new language takes time and patience.  You will have ups and downs, but stick with it and kn ow you are learning little by little and you will be speaking with the locals in no time.

4. Don't give up!!

Something for the little ones 

Fun, interactive, play based learning.  These classes for ages 4-7 are a perfect way to introduce the Spanish language to the little ones in our lives! 

"-Krista is AWESOME!!! I am in my second year with her and it is great! I also have great classmates too!!!"

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Spanish Night
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