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Learn Spanish in a private one on one Zoom class.

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*Choose your time

*Choose how many classes you would like

*Choose what you would like to focus on 

All classes are held one on one via an easy and free webinar system.  

Each class is 30 minuets of high quality Spanish learning using worksheets and conversational tools.

Classes will be customised to your specific level and needs. 



1 class -$32


5+ classes 5% off - $30.40 per class Total for 5 classes=  $152   You save $ $7.60


10+ classes 10%off - $28.80 per class Total for 10 classes = $288  You save  $32.00


20+ classes 15%off- $27.20 per class Total for 20 classes =$544  You save $96.00


40+ classes 20% off- $25.60 per class Total for 40 classes= $1,024 You save $256.00

* Expires in 1 year from purchase

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