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COVID-19 Update

 We are happy to welcome our students back into the classroom for the 2020 Fall session!! However to keep us all safe we have had to make some changes to our classes this year.

 We are focused on making this a fun, and educational year and the safety of our students and facilitators are our number one priority.

 Here are some changes for this year:

 1. Please wear a mask when you come into the classroom, once you are seated at a safe distance, you may choose to take it off.

 2. Hand sanitiser will be available upon entry, please use it when you come in.

 3.  MOST IMPORTANTLY if you are not feeling well,  have been out of country, or around anyone that has been sick PLEASE STAY HOME AND JOIN US ONLINE

 4.  I will be splitting the groups up and alternating the in class learning so there will never be more than 5 people in a class at a time.  One week you will join via webinar and the next you can come to class if you wish.  (This can change depending on the situation and the numbers of community infection)

 5. ALL CLASSES WILL BE AVAILABLE TO JOIN VIA WEBINAR so if you are uncomfortable coming to a class you can join us and learn from the comfort of your own home.

 As always classes will be recorded so if you miss a class you can watch the recording and receive all the homework so you don't fall behind.

Stay safe, happy and healthy!


 Krista Mendez- Owner and facilitator 

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